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Inspired by the great artisanal foods of Malaysia, China and the world, we aim to honour the many different Asian cooking traditions as well as to add our own interpretation of them with our unique culinary skills to serve you with a mouth-watering feast that is both traditional and avant garde at the same time.

So come to Maple Palace and enjoy our elaborate and sumptuous new Cantonese cuisine that is composed of a perfect blend of East and West with a traditional master’s touch, and allow us to bestow you with a truly unique creation of exquisite cuisine and a memorable experience that you will cherish for years to come!

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Chef's Recommendations

Aromatic Duck with 7 Head South Africa Abalone

Signature Roasted Spanish Iberico Pork Loin Rib

Lobster Cheese Baked

Customer Review
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One of our regular customers is Allstaff Outsourcing Jobs Malaysia, who never fail to hold thier annual company dinner right here in our Maple Palace Penang Chinese Restaurant.

Together we have been growing and developing over the years, and we always have a sumptuous meal and a wonderful evening! Come join us and let us celebrate our prosperous future in each others company!

Vivien Teoh & Mr Shee


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